Motor Scooter Repair Diagnostic Pickups

Local repair diagnostic pickups available via motor scooter!

Motor Scooter Repair Diagnostic Pickups
It's my scooter's rough-max speed..
10 miles until my first crash happened
Wear a helmet, even if you don’t have to.

Quick-update: Wear your helmet. Also I'm practicing more!

I've been going back and forth on purchasing a vehicle so that I could do mobile repair work more effectively without local residents having to drive across town to get help.

I had originally fell in love with the Ford Transit Connect cargo van which was small, relatively economical, and could be found in abundance over $10,000 used - usually older than model year 2015 with at least 200,000 miles on it. I found a few in the $5,000-$8,000 range but the conditions of them were not something I wanted to deal with.

These Ford Transit Connects would probably last, but...not my idea of reliable if I'm starting at 200K miles and over a decade old.

So then I fell in love with this little green Chevrolet Sonic - Lime Green - 2014 with about 150,000 miles on it. The green theme would have fit in nicely with Grove City Tech Lab colors and I would have saved money on doing a full-body wrap that other vehicles likely would use.

The green machine. I can't find the original post selling this anymore on Facebook Marketplace.
These things are so old, have so many miles, and were still well over $5,000 after all is said and done to purchase.

My dream would have been a new Ford e-Transit cargo van, but those run north of $50,000 - way out of my budget and I don't want new debt.

I need a motorcycle endorsement on my license

But next up in my thought process was something smaller, more economical, cheaper - but still fun: a motor-scooter! It's not a moped according to Ohio and goes roughly 37-40 MPH.

My new 2024 Honda Metropolitan NCW50

Granted, I can't have a mobile lab using a scooter - but I can still offer local pickups and delivers for most situations and utilize a personal or rental vehicle for larger situations if warranted.

We do in fact charge more the father outside of our radius you ask us to go, effectively preferring locals. So hire me to come pick up your computer and fix it!

So - if you see me around - beep (nicely!)

Local Pick-Up Repair Diagnostic
A certified technician from Grove City, Ohio will personally visit your home or business to collect your device. It will then be brought to our lab for thorough diagnostics and repair. Diagnostic fees are credited to our flat-rate fee of $100 if you accept the repair details. Our shipping and pickup…

Check out the scooter in action!

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