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Comprehensive IT services designed to bolster your business's digital capabilities and defenses.

No-contract business support is available on-demand here


Pricing is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including:

  • managed or on-demand (i.e., break-fix) support
  • services, software, and licensing desired
  • number of devices and/or users
  • business hour, after hours, and/or weekend coverage

Contact us for specific pricing for your environment.

Ask us about special pricing for businesses located in Beulah Park and Grove City Town Center area

In the meantime, read on to learn about some of the services that Grove City Tech Lab can handle for you.

Break-Fix Support

Break-fix support refers to the method of providing support services where problems are addressed and resolved as they occur. This support model stands as a contrast to managed services that aim to maintain ongoing health through regular, proactive management.

Break-fix support can be helpful particularly for smaller organizations or individual users as it doesn't require a monthly fee; support is enlisted and billed only when an issue arises. Moreover, it allows businesses to have a degree of flexibility in managing their IT budget and resources, enabling them to only focus on immediate, pressing issues rather than a comprehensive maintenance plan.

However, it might be seen as a reactive approach, potentially leading to more significant issues developing over time, as opposed to preventive measures that managed services might offer.

Operational Support & Ticketing

Streamline your support with our Operational Support & Ticketing system. Track issues, requests, and tasks with efficient workflows. With our robust ticketing system, manage your support operations with ease, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

24x7 Emergency On-Call

In the digital age, your business never sleeps - and neither do we. Our 24x7 Emergency On-Call services provide rapid, round-the-clock support. Your crises become our mission, with dedicated professionals ready to troubleshoot and resolve issues, anytime, anywhere.

Business Applications & Licensing

Maximize your operational efficiency with our top-tier Business Applications & Licensing services. From procurement to implementation, our experts streamline the processes, ensuring you harness the power of the right software, fully licensed and perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Website & Application Hosting

Embrace the power of reliable, secure, and lightning-fast online presence with our Website & Application Hosting services. Experience the best of uptime, scalability, and performance, all tailored to suit your business requirements and budget.

Database Maintenance & Optimization

Let your data work for you! Our Database Maintenance & Optimization services keep your databases performing at their peak. From routine checks, updates, data cleaning to complex performance tuning - we ensure your databases are streamlined, secure, and speedy.

Compliance Management

Navigate the complexities of regulatory landscapes with ease. Our Compliance Management systems keep your operations within legal bounds. We ensure adherence to global industry-specific regulations, while our software continuously monitors and manages the risks, keeping you audit-ready, always.

On-Premise or Cloud Infrastructure

Whether you prefer the traditional On-Premise or the scalable Cloud Infrastructure, our services got you covered. We offer customized solutions to fit your business size, budget, and goals. Experience superior performance, data security, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Prepare and protect your business from potential disruptions. Our BC/DR services are designed to ensure your operations can withstand unexpected events, from minor technical glitches to major natural disasters. Stay resilient with our robust recovery strategies and contingency plans.

Security Awareness Training

Human error shouldn’t be a cyber threat. Our Security Awareness Training empowers your team with knowledge and skills to spot, avoid, and report potential security threats. Create a human firewall against cyber-crime and foster a security-conscious culture.

Security Detection & Response

Combat cyber threats proactively. Our Security Detection & Response services ensure constant surveillance and rapid response to any potential threats or breaches. Utilizing advanced technology, we keep your digital assets safe, secure, and impenetrable.

Vulnerability Management

Uncover, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities with our comprehensive Vulnerability Management services. We prioritize potential risks and implement timely patches, ensuring your systems are always a step ahead of threats and breaches.

Firewall & VPN Management

Guard your digital fortress with our Firewall & VPN Management services. We monitor, maintain, and manage your network security, ensuring seamless, secure remote access while blocking unauthorized intrusions. Keep your business safe and connected with us.

Open-source (and my recommended) password manager
Cisco-backed 2FA/MFA identity and security
We partner with Drata to provide compliance for your company and trust for your customers including SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI, CCPA, and more
We are a Microsoft Partner!
Managed Detection & Response
You do have backups, right?
Another great security product we recommend
Enterprise-scale email security
Hardware, software, and other Dell resources

Endpoint Detection & Response (powered by AI)
An excellent security product for homes and businesses
Security, identity, and management
A great product, but a bad company.

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