Residential Services

Residential Services

Whether you want to learn or just need help, we have a solution to fit your needs. If you just need the occasional assistance, consider signing up for our virtual office hours where you can ask questions about anything tech that you wish.

For one-on-one training, questions, or support options - please contact us directly!

Digital Training and Literacy

Confused about the digital world? Our Digital Training and Literacy program transforms tech novices into savvy users. Master your devices, understand the internet, and navigate applications with confidence. From basic functionality to advanced operations, we're here to make digital literacy simple and accessible for everyone at home.

Accessory and Peripheral Support

From printers and scanners to speakers and smart home devices, our Accessory and Peripheral Support is your one-stop solution for seamless digital integration. We troubleshoot, guide, and ensure that all your tech accessories work in harmony, enhancing your home technology experience.

Security and Monitoring

Protect your digital footprint with our state-of-the-art Security and Monitoring services. We guard against viruses, malware, and cyber threats, ensuring your personal data and devices are always safe. Enjoy a worry-free digital experience with our robust security solutions that work round the clock.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Our mission goes beyond technology; we care about your family's safety. From parental controls to internet safety guidelines, we provide tools and resources to create a secure digital environment for your loved ones. Let us help you maintain a safe and healthy digital experience for your family.

Technical Support for Any Device

No device is too new, too old, or too complex for our team. Whether it's smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, or home automation systems, our Technical Support covers it all. With expert guidance and prompt resolution, we ensure your devices are always up and running.

WiFi Setup and Home Networking

Say goodbye to dead zones and buffering videos. Our WiFi Setup and Home Networking services ensure high-speed, reliable connectivity across your home. From network setup, troubleshooting, to optimizing WiFi coverage, we help you stay connected always.

Media and Home Controls

Transform your living space into a smart home with our Media and Home Controls support. Whether you're automating lighting, controlling smart appliances, or setting up a home theater, we provide expert assistance. Experience the comfort and convenience of the connected home, tailored to your lifestyle.

Learning to Code

Embrace the future by mastering the art of coding. Our Learning to Code program is designed to make coding easy, fun, and accessible for all ages. From understanding the basics to writing complex code, we guide you through it all, making you a creator in the digital world.

Pair Programming

Team up, troubleshoot, and triumph with our Pair Programming support. Perfect for budding coders or seasoned developers, this collaborative approach boosts learning and problem-solving abilities. Get immediate feedback, share knowledge, and learn faster while working on real-world coding challenges. Experience the power of collective intelligence with us.

Cryptocurrency Literacy

Dive into the fascinating world of digital currency with our Cryptocurrency Literacy program. We demystify the complexities of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, explaining how to buy, sell, trade, and securely store them. Empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape confidently.

Ledger Devices Training

Secure your digital assets like a pro. Our Ledger Devices Training equips you with the skills to use hardware wallets, ensuring optimal security for your cryptocurrencies. From setup to transactions, we guide you through every step, enabling you to protect your investments effectively and independently.

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